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Ultimate Battle™ Six Finger Mobile Controller

“I really recommend this! I use it for Call of Duty and it feels like I'm cheating because it helps so much. I can do so much more in game with 6 fingers rather than just 2 thumbs. It reminds me when I used to play on PS3! Very impressed!!”

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- Tyler D.  Verified Customer

Level up your gameplay like never before!


Do you have these problems too - slow reactions, slips of hand, and not enough available fingers to press all the buttons?


Ultimate Battle™ is the most intuitive controller on the market for mobile gamers. Built with 6-finger operation, ergonomic handles, and a silent cooling fanyou can now do so much more at the same time and have much quicker access to key buttons than you normally would with two thumbs, giving you an almost unfair advantage over your enemies!



Why Ultimate Battle™ will help you win more games:

6 Finger Operation

With four additional triggers, you can now free up your index and middle fingers to aimshoot, and more (completely adjustable), giving you an unbeatable edge!


Zero Latency

We know - lag kills games. Ultimate Battle™ comes with buttons with high sensitivity, giving you instant tactile response and the smoothest control.



Comfortable grip

Our controller goes further beyond. Designed with your comfort in mind, it features a matte surface to prevent slips and an ergonomic grip that makes sure each button you press feels intuitive and natural


Built-in silent cooling fan

Made for long gaming sessions! A built-in cooling fan effectively increases airflow going towards your phone and protects it from overheating. It’s also ultra-quiet so you can concentrate effortlessly.


Portable, Compact

Being lightweight and portable, you can easily slip the controller in your bag and play your favorite game whenever, wherever you want. 


Easy to adapt to

No need to spend hours getting used to new buttons like other controllers on the market make you do. Ultimate Battle™ is built to seamlessly blend into your existing gameplay habits, saving you time and energy.



How To Easily Set Up:


Step 1: Extend the controller and flip up the triggers to fit your device.

Step 2: Start your game, and press the “Settings – Control – Customize”.

Step 3: Move the “Fire” button to the top left corner; Move the “Aim” button to the top right corner.

Step 4: Save your settings and enjoy your game!



As gamers, we all have times like this: you’re in the middle of a game and you’re at the edge of winning, but just one second of slow reaction or slip of a finger - you’ve lost the game to your enemies, leaving you all mad and frustrated.


Thankfully, with our six-finger and latency-free mobile controller, you will never make the same mistake again. You will notice your movements in the game become smootherquicker, sharper, with every button press feeling natural and intuitive. Be ready to ace the game like never before!




Supported Mobile Games:

(As long as the game allows button customization) 


Size: 15.1 x 12.8 x 5.5 cm
Built-In Battery: 500 mAh
Applicable Mobile Phones: iPhone, Android


Package includes:
1 x Ultimate Battle™ Controller
1 x Charging Cable


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