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Teddy’s Cuddle™ Premium Faux Fur Teddy Coat



“GUYS OMG this coat is definitely a hidden gem. The material itself is SUPER soft! Imagine your favorite plush robe - except in a coat version. It also makes you look so sophisticated. I’ve had so many compliments!”

- Martha W. Verified Customer ✅


Digging into your winter wardrobe and can’t find the perfect coat that keeps you warm, comfy, and stylish at the same time? We get it! If that’s you, you will love this ultra fluffy, trendy yet affordable faux fur teddy coat!



Teddy’s Cuddle™ is a one-of-a-kind teddy coat, specially designed for ladies who want to wrap up warm in the winter without having to sacrifice style and pay an expensive price for luxury clothing.


Its ultra-soft plush material and high-end design will give you everything you need with practicability and style. Be ready to receive a teddy-like cuddle and take your winter wardrobe to the next level!




✓ SUPER SOFT AND WARM - While most of the teddy coats in high streets use cotton fabrics, this coat is crafted with premium-quality plush and fleece, which feel incredibly soft and fluffy as if you’re being hugged by a luxe teddy bear! Its full-length yet lightweight design effectively blocks the cold out while allowing you to move around comfortably. 



✓ EFFORTLESSLY FASHIONABLE - Feeling as if your fashion sense is an issue when it comes to cold seasons? Not a problem! With the classic design of the single-breasted front, notched lapel collar and cocoon silhouette, this coat will match with anything in your wardrobe and instantly bring out that trendy chic look. No more sacrificing style & class while layering up! 



✓ EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE - Feel like your only solution for having both warmth and style is to grit your teeth and invest in a daunting price tag in luxury stores? We understand this pain! With its delicate design and ultra warm material, you can easily get a well-made coat without a hefty price tag!



 INSANELY PHOTOGENIC - Look stunning in photos with Teddy’s Cuddle™! This coat does not only wrap you up warm and stylish but also compliment your look exceptionally in pictures! It will make you stand out with any background, even in a group pic. Be ready to take some of your most iconic photos with this coat!



✓ NEVER-OUT-OF-STYLE - Yes, Teddy’s Cuddle™ is designed to last for years - We don’t want you to be fashionable for one winter and then never touch the coat you bought again because it goes out of trend. The classic look of this coat makes it in style every year and the high-quality plush material will stay fresh for years to come!



 ETHICAL BUYING We strongly believe in animal rights and make sure all our products are 100% cruelty-free. With Teddy’s Cuddle™, you can rock your winter look while protecting our wildlife and contributing to the worldwide movement!


Get Teddy’s Cuddle™ NOW and feel extremely cozy & loved!

Imagine waking up on a freezing morning, grab a cup of hot coffee, get yourself ready, put on Teddy’s Cuddle™ and feel the warmth instantly sweeping up around you. Whether you want to dress up for out or just stay at home and cuddle up, Teddy’s Cuddle™ will keep you perfectly warm and in style all the time!


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* Please refer to our size chart before ordering! We tend to run small!

Size Bust (cm/in) Length (cm/in) Sleeve (cm/in)
XS 112/44.1'' 100/39.4'' 47/18.5''
S 116/45.7'' 100/39.4'' 48/18.9''
M 120/47.2'' 100/39.4'' 49/19.3''
L 124/48.8'' 100/39.4''' 50/19.7''
XL 128/50.4'' 100/39.4'' 51/20.1''
XXL 132/52.0'' 100/39.4'' 52/20.5''


* Machine Washable: For the best care, be sure to set your washing machine to ‘delicate’ and wash with cold water and a mild detergent; after wash, simply reshape the garment and let it air dry!  



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