Pocket Vocab - Toddler Talking Flash Cards

Pocket Vocab - Toddler Talking Flash Cards

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Why This Educational Toy Is A Must-Have For Your Little One πŸ’•πŸ‘Ά

βœ… Learning For Success: Pocket Vocab is designed to help your child succeed in school and life by boosting vocabulary development and communication skills!

βœ… Pronunciation & Sound Effect: Pocket Vocab plays both the card's pronunciation and sound effect, helping your child imagine the word in their head!

βœ… 224 Unique Cards: Over 200 cards of animals, foods, people, and transportation come with Pocket Vocab!

βœ… Reduce Screen Time: Designed to mimic a screen, Pocket Vocab keeps your children away from phones and tablets, reducing screen time.

βœ… Premium Quality Material: Pocket Vocab is made from a smooth premium plastic that is non-toxic and completely safe for children.

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