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    SweatySauna™ Sweat Sauna Jacket


    “WOW! This jacket will make you sweat hardcore if you leave it on for your workout. After 45 minutes of Crossfit I’m soaked. The material is really comfortable and it does not make noise like most sweat jackets. If you’re trying to lose weight and burn more calories, this is the jacket!” 

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    The journey towards achieving a fitness goal can be both rewarding and challenging. It could take considerable effort and time before seeing noticeable results. Meanwhile, many don’t gain the most out of a workout due to lack of intensity and prolonged warm-ups, resulting in slow or even stalled progress. This can lead to feeling unmotivated or discouraged, making it more difficult to reach the desired goal.

    Introducing SweatySauna™, a sweat-inducing thermal jacket designed to enhance calorie burning for accelerated weight loss. It features a special heat-trapping material that quickly increases and retains the body temperature, stimulating perspiration and a greater calorie burn for maximized exercise results. Experience supercharged workout efficiency and a newfound motivation with SweatySauna™!

    🏃‍♀️ Reasons Why SweatySauna™ Is A Game Changer

    ✅ Accelerated calorie burning

    Made from heat-blocking silver polymer material, SweatySauna™ rapidly raises body temperature and increases sweat production by up to 5X than a usual workout. This helps improve workout efficiency for faster training results.

    Comfortable & stylish

    SweatySauna™ features a stylish zip-up design with elastic waist and cuffs to effectively lock the heat and provide a flattering fit for any occasion. It offers a classic sporty silhouette while being roomy to ensure maximal comfort for movement.

    Noise-free & skin-friendly

    Unlike traditional neoprene sauna suits, SweatySauna™ is built with breathable and noise-free material for comfortable wear for a long period of time. The lightweight and high quality fabric provides a smooth feel to the skin without irritations.

    Unique reflective design

    With reflective strips on the front shoulder areas, SweatySauna™ helps ensure visibility and safety when exercising at night. Handy side pockets also offer convenient storage for essentials during workouts.

    Windproof & waterproof

    Designed for active lifestyles, SweatySauna™ is windproof and waterproof to support maximum durability and performance. It is suitable for all seasons and protects the body by keeping it warm in the cooler evenings and chilly weather.

    We understand how frustrating it is to hit a weight loss plateau due to ineffective workouts. It can be extremely discouraging to keep up with an exercise regimen for a long time but not reaping the benefits or seeing visible results. Recent studies show that up to 73 percent of people who set fitness resolutions end up quitting before hitting the target.

    With SweatySauna™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face the struggle of unproductive exercise and slow progress. With the unique sweat-wicking material, it efficiently helps increase sweat output while ensuring style and comfort, making weight goals easier to achieve. Enjoy the confidence boost and fast-tracked progress towards your fitness target!



    Material: Silver polymer
    Weight: 0.60 lb (0.27 kg)

    NOTE: It is recommended to wear the sauna jacket for no longer than 60 minutes to prevent overheating.


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