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    STEMLens™ 3-In-1 Kids Portable Microscope | Science Toy

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    “The STEMLens have been a great introduction to the world of micro science for my grands. They were thrilled and spent inquiring and giggling time looking at raw sugar, print, grandma's hair, prepared slides, and other investigations. It’s toddler-friendly and sturdy!” 

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    Early education paves the way for lifelong learning and growth. However, kids today are spending more time on screens, which can become addictive and prevent cognitive development. Most toys lack interactivity and generally fail to captivate attention. This can make it difficult to give children the necessary learning stimulation, causing frustration.

    Introducing STEMLens™, a 3-in-1 kid-friendly microscope kit designed to nurture natural curiosity and encourage science exploration through play. It features three interactive play modes that help kids observe, capture and share the discoveries of an unseen micro-world. With STEMLens™, watch the little scientists’ faces light up with joy and excitement!

    🔬 Reasons Why Your Child Will Love The STEMLens™

    IGNITES SCIENCE CURIOSITY: Featuring a high magnification of 60-120x, STEMLens™ allows kids to discover a whole new microscopic world. It helps nurture natural curiosity and inquiry about optics, microbiology, and science.

    3-IN-1 INTERACTION: STEMLens™ offers interactive fun in three ways as a handheld, laboratory, and photo sharing device. Easily explore on the go, conduct lab-like investigations, or share exciting real-time photos with friends.

    HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: STEMLens™ provides a variety of environments indoors and outdoors for endless exploration. This helps keep young minds engaged and curious for hours with a screen-free and healthy energy outlet.

    KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN: With its eye-friendly LED light and compact size, STEMLens™ is easy to use and maneuver for little ones. The easy-to-read manual also allows kids and all ages to start playing in no time.

    PARENT-CHILD BONDING: STEMLens™ is designed to bring lots of interaction and quality bonding time for family fun. Be prepared for loads of questions while watching the little one run around for new things to examine.

    BUILT TO LAST: Made of durable ABS, STEMLens™ withstands falls with maximum resistance, making it perfect for the “clumsy” hands. This provides peace of mind for handling drops and scratches during play sessions.

    How To Use

    As parents, we understand how anxious we are when we cannot provide the resources needed for our children's learning. It can be extremely discouraging to buy new toys only to see kids lose interest quickly, or to constantly have to pry them off electronics. Recent studies show that children ages 8-12 in the US spend an average of four to six hours a day using screens!

    With STEMLens™, take a deep breath and no longer face the concern of unengaging play. Its 3-in-1 design encourages children to actively explore their surroundings and stimulates their natural way of learning through hands-on play. Enjoy peace of mind and the confidence knowing the little one is happy, entertained, and learning!


    Microscope Size: 2.6” x 5.9” (7 x 15 cm)
    Handheld Size: 1.7” x 3.7” (4 x 9 cm)
    Powered By: 1 x AAA Battery


    (1) X STEMLens™ 3-In-1 Kids Microscope
    (1) X Accessories Set
    (1) X Instruction Manual

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