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Smile Guardian™ Stylish Protection Goggles


“This bubble shield is perfect!! It does not fog up or scratch easily, and I got so much compliments. It’s comfortable to wear as well. Fashion and comfort. Thank you!”

- Laronda H.  Verified Customer


Did you know that the average person touches their face 23 times per hour? When you’re out, you touch all kinds of surfaces such as door handles, car handles, and elevators etc that carry multiple germs.


When you touch your face, the germs on your hands can easily contact your eyes and nose, causing potential infections. Now - you can protect yourself and stop this habit with Smile Guardian™.


Smile Guardian™ is a pair of stylish, comfortable, and reusable face goggles designed for protection and more. It’s a perfect solution for extra protection to your face when you’re out running errands, socializing, jogging, biking, etc. Stay guarded from saliva particles, droplets, and germs without compromising your smile to the world!




Maximum protection

Smile Guardian™ is designed to be in a bubble shape with 180 degree protection, all the way from your eyebrows to chin. It safeguards your eyes, nose, and mouth, and makes sure that you are always reminded when you unconsciously try to touch your face.

When Fashion Meets Function

When it comes to protection, we want to design something that makes you want to wear it, instead of having to tolerate it! Smile Guardian™’s minimalist design and ergonomic contours gives you a fashionable look, keeping you stylish and protected at the same time!


Anti-fog & scratch

Stop wearing plastic goggles that easily blurs your vision! Smile Guardian™ is coated with double-sided fog & scratch resistant coating that effectively lessens fogging and minor scratches, ensuring a clear vision for you and maximizing your comfort.


UV-Light & Blue Light Protection

Our goggles block out 99% of harmful UV rays and blue light, protecting your skin from sun damage that causes sagging and wrinkles, and preventing eye strains while you're on your digital device.



Lightweight like sunglasses

Smile Guardian™ goggles are lightweight and comfortable. They are designed to be worn just as you would wear glasses, ensuring the most long-lasting protection.


Premium quality

Time to switch away from the plastic goggles! Made of 100% polycarbonate (a premium durable material used for protective goggles), Smile Guardian™ is 10X stronger than standard plastic goggles, making it shatter-resistant for you and brings you glass-like optical clarity as if you’re not wearing anything.



Wear ANY face coverings under

Do you wear glasses? No problem! This can be worn with any type of your glasses, sunglasses, or other face coverings.

Super easy to clean & reuse!

Being waterproof, you can simply wash your bubble shield thoroughly with soap and water with your hands after use on a daily basis. It will be ready to be reused just like new!


How to Choose My Size?


1. Measure the length between the center point of your eyebrows to the tip of your chin.

2. Compare your length with the lengths shown on the 3D models below.


 Stay safe and stylish every day with Smile Guardian™!


We all have these moments: When you’re out running errands and you feel a slight itch in your eyes, you unconsciously raise your hand to rub it; and only after that you realize what you did and the risk it carries.

Now it’s time to keep the dirty hands at bay! Smile Guardian™ is here to help you achieve that easily, while giving your face a stylish touch that you would absolutely love. Start enjoying life while protecting yourself to the fullest today!

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IMPORTANT: We cannot accept returns for this item due to the nature of PPE and possible contamination. While we have excellent quality control at the factory, we would, of course, make exceptions for defects. If you receive the item with any quality issues, we are more than happy to send a replacement to you!



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