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    SmartBaby™ Portable Toddler Busy Board

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    “I've bought it for my 3-year-old and she likes it right away! For a few days, she could play with all the buckles and the letters on the cover side for pretty long. To my surprise, my 1-year-old also got excited with this toy, and started teaching herself to zip. A great learning tool for toddlers and preschoolers!” 

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    Play is a crucial part of toddlers' development, keeping them happy and promoting early developmental growth. However, as parents, it can be hard to constantly keep the little ones entertained while juggling between busy schedules. Meanwhile, most toys fail to retain interest and provide an educational experience. This can make it challenging to keep up with the child’s needs, causing fatigue and distress.

    SmartBaby™ is a Montessori-inspired activity board that promotes basic skills and fine motor development through fun sensory play. It allows children to practice essential dressing skills such as tying shoelaces and buckling a belt, while encouraging early math and spelling skills with velcro accessories. With SmartBaby™, enjoy peace of mind and confidence knowing the little one is happy and learning valuable life skills.

    💕 Why SmartBaby™ Is A Must Have For Your Little One


    SmartBaby™ comes with bright colors and assorted activities to spark interest and encourage exploration. It provides a fun play to keep the little ones entertained for extended periods of time.


    SmartBaby™ includes an assortment of 14 everyday tools such as buckles, zippers, laces, and more. This enables the child to exercise independent self-dressing through play, encouraging the growth of valuable life skills.


    SmartBaby™ comes with detachable velcro numbers and letters on the outer case for easy learning of spelling and calculation. The diverse learning options makes it suitable for a wide range of developmental levels.


    By allowing the child to perform various hands-on tasks, SmartBaby™ helps stimulate fine motor development. The fun sensory play effectively helps enhance their finger strength and hand-eye coordination.


    Designed with little hands in mind, SmartBaby™ utilizes soft buckles and easy-to-open buttons to be effortlessly maneuvered by little fingers. Soft felt wool material also ensures safe and skin-friendly contact for kids.


    Being lightweight and portable, SmartBaby™ is easy to take for travel and use on the go. It’s the perfect screen-free activity to keep the little ones happily occupied during a car ride or flight trip.

    We understand the frustration of not being able to occupy our active toddlers. It can be very exhausting to constantly look for solutions to keep them busy, which can create stress and anxiety. Recent studies reveal that around 9.8 million working mothers in the United States have experienced burnouts due to unequal demands of caring for kids and balancing work.

    With SmartBaby™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face this issue. With a broad range of sensory activities and educational tools, the busy board is here to provide kids with a fun and healthy outlet while building up key skills that are critical to early development. Now you can rest assured that your little one will learn through play and be happily engaged!


    Product Size: 8.9″ × 11.1″ (22 x 28 cm)
    Product Weight: 0.46 lb (0.21 kg)
    Recommended age: 1-6 years


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