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Skin Halo™ At-Home Hair Removal Handset (US Plug)

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This is by far the BEST product I have used other than going to ‘Ideal Image’ which is extremely expensive. I noticed an immediate slow in the growth of my hair. I’m so happy to have found this product and feel a whole lot more confident about myself. I strongly recommend!

- Fiona F.  Verified Customer


At-home laser hair removal is as simple as this!


We all know the hassle of traditional hair removal methods. Waxing can be an agonizing experience, and shaving can be ineffective and sometimes painful, causing ingrown hairs and razor burns. However, a more effective salon laser treatment can cost thousands, while being uncomfortable. Now, no more of those worries, presenting Skin Halo™!

Skin Halo™ is an At-Home Hair Removal Handset designed to help you permanently reduce unwanted hair, from the comfort of your home and without the hefty price tag. Featuring the safe Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, it’s painless and irritation-free, bringing long-term smoothness with just a few simple sessions at home!


💕 Why Our Skin Halo™ Handset Will Change Your Life:


✅ Smooth, touchable skin

Say hello to silky skin! Our device emits gentle light pulses to your hair roots, gently heating the hair and putting the follicles into a dormant state, stopping the regrowth cycle. This will result in the thinning of unwanted hair and eventually hair-free & lustrous skin!


✅ Comfort and privacy

Salon treatments can be uneasy, especially for those who value a high level of comfort and personal privacy. With Skin Halo, you can now remove hair from the absolute ease and privacy of your home, giving you an enjoyable experience!



✅ Best Investment

Salon hair removal can cost around $300 per session, but now you can enjoy the same result for just a fraction of the cost! The cartridge has a flash capacity of 600,000 light beams (10+ year lifespan), so you won’t ever have to worry about replacing it. Save thousands of dollars!


✅ Personalized strength for your skin tone

Not one-fits-all! Skin Halo device comes with five adjustable optimal energy levels according to your skin tolerance, giving you the most ideal result according to your skin tone.



✅ Pain-free & Safe for your skin

Our device comes with two flash modes (Manual & Auto) to help you easily achieve full-body hair removal with any precision areas, from your upper lip, jawline, to bikini area. Safe light energy also makes it painless and gentle on your skin, giving you irritation-free results!


✅ Skin Rejuvenation

Galvanic energy stimulates your skin to rejuvenate and leave it smoother and more supple, bringing soft and silky skin!



✅ Durable, Compact, Portable

The compact and portable design makes Skin Halo easily fit into your makeup bag and perfect for use on-the-go, so you can effortlessly treat unwanted hair whenever, wherever you want.


How To Use:



* Repeat 1x per week, with visible results in just 1-2 weeks, and full results within 12 weeks.


✨ Stay Smooth And Beautiful Everyday With Skin Halo!

We understand the frustration of constantly struggling with unwanted hair. You hate the time-consuming and ineffective process of shaving, so you turn to salon laser treatments. However, it‘s extremely pricey, with the average cost of $300 to $1,000 for just one appointment. You find yourself looking at thousands of dollars if you want to get your entire body done.


According to statistics, over 85% of American women try to remove unwanted body hair regularly, even daily. With such frequency, it could be a pain when you can’t find the ideal solution that gives you the silky-smooth skin without breaking the bank.


Skin Halo is here to give you the perfect treatment, helping you go hair-free with absolute ease, with no razor burns or ingrown hairs from the comfort of your home, and at a much lower price! Be ready to put forward the most beautiful and attractive version of yourself every day!



Your Package Includes:

1 x Skin Halo™ IPL Hair Remover
1 x Adaptor Plug
1 x Operation Manual


General FAQs:

1. What grade of impulsed light should I use for the first time?

For the first time, you should try from the lowest gear and then gradually increase the intensity. It’s not recommended to use the 4.5 file directly.

2. How to use the product correctly?

The device will only flash with 90° vertical contact with the skin after normal start-up. So place it at a 90° angle against your skin and start seeing it do its wonder!

3. Which skin tones is this suitable for?

While our device is suitable for most skin tones, it works best on light to medium skin tones. That’s because IPL works by identifying the melanin (dark pigment) in your hair and sending light energy to stunt its regrowth, and darker skin can cause the light to incorrectly locate the hair. That’s why we don’t recommend this on darker skin tones.



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