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MyCozyCabin™ DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit


“I absolutely LOVED assembling this kit! My daughter and I spent one to two hours a day working on these together. We had a blast! I've never made a model before and wasn't sure if I would enjoy the process. Turns out I really enjoyed the tiny details and loved the sense of satisfaction. It was so much fun!”

- Melanie M.  Verified Customer

The Best Way To Add More Fun For You And Your Little Ones!

Having to stay at home all the time can be difficult and boring. Sitting in front of a TV for hours on end can soon become tedious. We all want something fun to keep us entertained and fulfilled, instead of feeling empty all day. Don’t worry - we got you covered! 


MyCozyCabin™ is a do-it-yourself miniature dollhouse kit. It’s built to be fun, creative, and entertaining, giving you and your little one a unique craft-building experience and helping you spend your time in a fun and meaningful way! Enjoy this new hobby and make great memories building it!


🏠 Why Everyone Is Loving Our Dollhouse Kit:

Fun & enjoyable

Designed to be highly entertaining and detail-oriented, this dollhouse is super fun and satisfying to build. Put every piece of furniture together and add your own special touch to it. You and your little one will also feel a huge sense of pride the moment you finish it!


 Meaningful time with your loved ones

When you do something with people you love, it becomes way more fun! Our dollhouse allows you to take the time to have fun and bond with your little one, creating a deeper connection and an unforgettable memory!


 Brings intellectual benefits

Arts and crafts are scientifically proven to inspire creativity and bring intellectual benefits to our brains, especially for kids. It helps improve hand-to-eye coordination, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and memory in the long term.


Calms your mind

A creative process will take you back to your careless childhood and relax your mind. Assembling this dollhouse allows you to take a break from digital device and soothe your mind by immersing yourself in the fun. 



Exquisite, well-crafted details

Beautifully crafted with artistry in mind, our dollhouse features a 1:24 scale and strict error control, giving you the most accurate details and a fun time to build & enjoy. It also comes with mini LED lights for you to further decorate it once finished.


Unique home decor

Not only the dollhouse is fun to build, but it also makes an impressive home decoration! It will add a unique style to your home and serve as a permanent reminder of the quality time you spent with your loved ones bonding over it.



Safe & Non-toxic

All attached accessories are made of eco-friendly, odorless, and non-toxic material. It’s also sturdy and durable, enabling you to build easily and keep for years.


How To Build:


Each dollhouse comes with clear instruction and all the accessories & tools needed. Every part of the dollhouse is also clearly labeled. Simply follow the instruction and enjoy building your dollhouse!



Have Fun At Home Every Day!


We understand that staying at home all the time can feel dreadful. As parents, it only gets more challenging as we try to do our best to keep the little ones entertained and fulfilled instead of being occupied by the screens. You need something that can bring fun to help the kids take a heathy break from digital gadgets.

MyCozyCabin™ dollhouse kit is here to add more joy and fulfillment. It’s creative and meaningful, giving you a wonderful time at home bonding over it with your little ones. You will be able to have fun building it together, discussing each step, and celebrating when you finish the last piece. Start making great memories with your little one today!



Package Includes:

1 x LED light
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Dollhouse miniatures
1 x Set of accessories & tools

(Glue and batteries not included for shipping safety purposes)



Size: 195 x 175 x 175 (mm)
Assembly Time: About 19 hours


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