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    MommaCare™ Wearable Hands-Free Breast Pump

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    “This is a savior for a multi-tasking mom! I almost gave up breastfeeding because pumping was becoming so difficult. Being able to move around, change diapers, hold my baby, cook, clean, all while pumping has been a game changer. It also gets just as much milk as my regular pump! Very happy with this!” 

    - Rissa L. ✅ Verified Buyer

    The All In One Wearable Pump

    Pumping is essential for maintaining a healthy milk supply and sufficient nutrition for the baby. However, traditional hand pumps require manual labor, and electric pumps need to be constantly plugged into the wall, limiting movements. The need to also frequently alternate between pumping and other commitments makes it difficult to be out and about. It can take up excessive time and make pumping a challenging task.

    MommaCare™ is a lightweight, one-piece pump that doesn’t require any bulky extras like tubes or controls, providing full multitasking convenience when pumping. It’s portable and wireless, allowing for convenient pumping on the go. With adjustable suction settings, it’s also comfortable and easy to use. With MommaCare™, you can now enjoy complete freedom and mobility during pumping.

    💕 Reasons Why MommaCare™ Will Change Your Life


    ✅ Hands-Free & Wearable

    MommaCare™ features a wearable design that can be easily attached inside a nursing bra. This provides a hands-free and tube-free pumping experience, allowing easy multitasking while comfortably producing milk for the baby.

    ✅ Efficient & Comfortable

    MommaCare™ offers both massage and suction mode with 5 intensity levels to ensure comfortable pumping. This imitates the baby’s natural feeding frequency to encourage let-down, aiding a smoother and faster process.

    ✅ Food-Grade Safe Material

    Designed with safety as the top priority, MommaCare™ utilizes soft food-grade silicone for the flange and container. It’s BPA-free, odorless, and skin-friendly, protecting both mother and the baby.

    ✅ Easy to assemble & clean

    Made with detachable components, MommaCare™ is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean after use, while maintaining a tight seal to achieve the best suction. The closed system also prevents leakage and ensures hygiene.

    ✅ Low-Noise Design 

    MommaCare™ features a low-noise design of less than 50dB, which is similar to the whispers of parents. It will not wake up or disturb the sleeping baby while using at night.

    ✅ Portable, pump on the go

    With the compact and rechargeable design, MommaCare™ allows for continuous pumping on the go. It supports pumping anytime, anywhere without the hassle of carrying bulky pumps or looking for power outlets.


    How To Install

    We understand the frustration of juggling between pumping and other daily responsibilities. It can be extremely difficult to plan a large amount of time to sit and pump every day, while being strapped to one location. A recent study shows that exclusively pumping moms spend an average of 20 minutes per session, about 8 to 12 times a day!

    Thankfully, MommaCare™ is the perfect solution to help free up your time and make the task easy. With a smart hands-free and cord-free design, it sits conveniently in the bra, allowing you to be on the go and multitask freely during pumping. Now you can enjoy the freedom of going about your day while efficiently pumping milk for your baby!


    Weight: 235 (g)
    Capacity: 180 (mL)
    Size: 5.94 x 3.15 (inch)
    Flange Size: 24 (mm)


    (1) X MommaCare™ Wearable Breast Pump
    (1) X User Manual
    (1) X USB Cable 

    (2) X Bra Extender

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