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    MagicBuilder™ Magnetic Building Sticks Set

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    “Our little daughter loved this gift! Timeless activity, she plays and plays, creating different shapes, formations, and boundaries. It involves principles of design and magnetics that allow children to discover wonderful things. Highly recommend this magical toy!” 

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    Early child development sets the foundation for essential growth and lifelong learning. However, kids nowadays often spend excessive screen time, which can prevent them from forming healthier habits such as reading or imaginative play. Meanwhile, most educational toys do little to captivate attention. This can make it difficult to get the little ones off digital gadgets and engaged in real-life activities.

    Introducing the MagicBuilder™, an innovative magnetic building set designed to foster creativity, spatial thinking, and problem-solving skills. This toy set allows children to build their own creative structures based on unique imagination, while featuring large sizes for safe playing. With MagicBuilder™, watch kids create a world of wonder and enjoy endless fun bonding through open-ended play!

    💕 Why MagicBuilder™ Is A Must-Have For Every Child

    ✅ Creativity sparking

    MagicBuilder™ features four different shapes of magnetic balls and bars that can be connected at any angle. It allows little ones to explore their imagination and build unique 2D & 3D models, encouraging creative thinking.

     STEM Learning through play

    By stacking up pieces, MagicBuilder™ helps children understand spatial concepts and fundamentals of shapes and figures. The step-by-step instruction also enables them to build more complex structures as they advance!

     Enhance motor development

    Being a hands-on activity, MagicBuilder™ requires the child to exercise motor skills in the process of building. The fun game helps improve finger strength and hand-eye coordination while providing a healthy energy outlet.

    Ultimate family playtime

    MagicBuilder™ makes for a perfect screen-free family activity, allowing parents to bond with the little ones for hours. This offers great opportunities for teamwork and collaboration, encouraging social-emotional growth.

    ✅ Safe design & material

    Built with safety in mind, all parts of the toy set are larger than 35mm with smooth edges, making it safe for kids to play. It is also made of non-toxic ABS material and secure magnets, supporting sturdy builds and durable use.

    We understand how concerned we are when our kids spend too much time on screens. It can be very frustrating to constantly fight with your little one over the amount of time they spend on tablets, video games, and television. Recent studies show that children ages 8-12 in the United States spend an average of four to six hours a day watching TV or using screens!

    With MagicBuilder™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face the issue of excessive screen time. This interactive magnetic set with safe-to-play sizes is here to provide kids with a fun and creative outlet while building up essential skills that will benefit them for life. Now you can rest assured that your little one will learn through play and be happily engaged!


    Package Size: 11″ x 8″ x 3″ (29 x 22 x 6 cm)
    Package Weight: 1.3 lb (0.6 kg)
    Recommended age: 3 years+


    (1) X HappyBuilder™ Magnetic Building Set
    (1) X Instruction Manual

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