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    HeroBeam™ 230° Ultra-Wide LED Headlamp

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    “The best headlamp I’ve owned, period! It comes in so handy whenever I’m woodworking or going out backpacking. It’s very bright, and because of the 230° wide angle curved strip, everywhere I turn my head the light is instantly there. It’s also so comfortable that I forget it’s on. Absolutely loved it!” 

    - Jeremy L. ✅ Verified Buyer

    The Ultimate All In One Headlamp!

    Illumination is essential for all kinds of activities in dim situations, such as home repairs, construction, night camping, and adventures alike. However, traditional headlamps only offer a narrow viewing angle, while flashlights need to be held constantly. This can make movements in low-light environments difficult, inconvenient, and even potentially unsafe.

    HeroBeam™ LED Headlamp features an ultra-wide front beam design with 350 powerful lumens, offering 230° of bright continuous illumination for full visibility. It’s lightweight, rechargeable, and comes with a unique wave sensor for hands-free control. With HeroBeam™, you can now enjoy complete ease, comfort, and mobility in any task.

    💡 Why Everyone Is Loving HeroBeam™


    ✅ 230° Ultra-Wide Illumination

    Powered by advanced COB LED technology, HeroBeam™ features a 230° wide-angle beam design and delivers up to 350 lumens. This allows for ultra-wide illumination and extra brightness to eliminate blind spots and ensure full convenience.

    ✅ Smart Motion Sensor

    HeroBeam™ comes with a smart motion sensor for easy control, allowing complete hands-free convenience during any task. Simply activate the sensor and wave across to toggle it on/off.

    ✅ Adjustable Light Modes

    HeroBeam™ offers 5 adjustable lighting modes to provide a full range of illumination and meet your various needs. The XPE LED side light also supports longer distance viewing up to 100m ahead.

    ✅ Lightweight & Comfortable

    Designed with your comfort in mind, HeroBeam™ features a fully adjustable headband that can easily fit any hat, helmet, and head size. The lightweight and no-bounce design also ensures a comfortable experience when moving around.

    ✅ Rechargeable & Long-Lasting 

    The HeroBeam™ headlamp is easily rechargeable with USB Type-C, allowing for fast charging between uses. It will last for 8 hours on low mode and 3 hours on high, supporting durable and worry-free usage.

    Multifunctional & Waterproof

    Made to suit all your lighting needs, HeroBeam™ is perfect for a wide range of activities. From work projects, outdoor adventures, to daily walks and runs, its waterproof and versatile design brings maximum comfort to any scenario.

    We understand the frustration of not being able to move around easily in the dark. It can be very uncomfortable having to constantly turn your head to see with a traditional bulky headpiece, while potentially bumping into unknown objects. A recent study shows that nearly 3 million American workers face injuries each year due to lighting inefficiency!

    With HeroBeam™, you can enjoy maximum visibility whether at long, close range, or sideways. With an unrivaled light coverage, low-profile design, and flexible features, it makes any activity in low-light environments safe and easy. Now you can see everywhere you need effortlessly and hands-free!


    Weight: 3.25 Oz
    Material: Silicone
    Battery: 1200 mAH Lithium


    (1) X HeroBeam™ LED Headlamp
    (1) X USB Cable


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