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HelloGreenery™ Terrarium Hydroponic Planter


“Simply adorable! I’m obsessed with this little thing and it’s perfect to take up some extra space on my plant shelf. It adds so much life to my room and makes me feel so happy whenever I look at it. The cutest thing ever!”

- Jennifer H.  Verified Customer

Want to add a special touch to your home or plant collection? Plants are the best living accessories that add life and bring color to any environment. Now, our HelloGreenery™ hydroponic vases are the perfect planter that brings style and vitality to your indoor space.


Instead of regular plant pots, try styling your favorite small-scale plants in our unique planter and see the way it adds magic to your home!


Designed with a minimalistic and exotic style, our planter is a one-of-a-kind statement piece! It will take greenery to the next level and transform your room into a space that comforts and welcomes, making your home feel lively and cozy.

🍀 Why HelloGreenery™ Will Transform Your Home:

 Unique Style & Charm

Crafted with a unique design of the mottled wood frame and bulb terrariums, our planter will add an irresistible charm to any room and perfectly complement your plants & furniture, making your home feel fresh, soothing, and lively.

Make gardening more fun

By giving a transparent view of growing plants, our planter allows you to witness your favorite plants grow and thrive in front of you. Simply put in water or liquid fertilizer and enjoy watching them grow!



 Ideal for home office

Our planter is perfect for the working-from-homes! With its minimalistic design, our planter will take up almost no space on your desk and bring relaxation & visual pleasure, effectively relieving visual fatigue when you’re tired of staring at the screen.

 Perfect for propagation

Our planter also works as a perfect propagation station for your plants! 94% of our customers expressed that their plants have been thriving and growing more roots in our planter compared to regular jars.



Easy to water

With an open-top design, our planter allows you to water your plants easily, so you can maintain and care for your plant friends effortlessly.

Sturdy & durable

Made of premium-quality wood material and heat-resistant glass, our planter is durable and will NOT break easily, providing the most sturdy support for your plant babies!


How to easily set up:


(Plants are not included with the product)

We get it! You love greenery and the way they add so much freshness and liveliness to your home. However, it can take a lot of effort to make a house truly look and feel like a home - You find yourself spending a long time looking for styling ideas, rearranging your plants, and redecorating your room to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the way it looks.


HelloGreenery™ is here to help you further liven up your home! Being an aesthetic and creative statement piece, our hydroponic planter will become a highlight of your room and turn it into a more cozy and inviting space, making you feel loved and belonged whenever you walk in. Be ready to boost up your home atmosphere with this lovely planter!



Package Includes:

1 x HelloGreenery™ Hydroponic Planter Set
1 x Mini Screwdriver



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