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    FreshlySkin™ DIY Organic Face Mask Maker

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    “Must have for all skin care enthusiasts! I do one every night, using different cold pressed juices that have different skin healing properties. You can even add different serums for more customization. It's super fun and helps save so much money than buying paper masks!” 

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    Face masks are a wonderful way to give the skin a much-needed nutrition boost. However, store-bought masks often offer limited selections and aren’t always transparent about the ingredients. Using sheet masks on a regular basis can also become expensive. This can make it challenging to maintain skin health and find products that are suitable for specific skin types and goals.

    FreshlySkin™ is an automatic face mask maker that turns any ingredient into an organic collagen gel mask for personalized and high quality skin care. It creates a variety of nutrient-rich masks using homemade ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, allowing for custom-tailored, natural, and affordable masks from the comfort of home. With FreshlySkin™, enjoy a fun skincare routine while achieving a healthy complexion!

    💕 Reasons Why This Face Mask Maker Is A Must Have


    FreshlySkin™ makes every routine fun and satisfying by using any ingredient imaginable to form custom masks. Spice up the daily regimen with personalized ingredients such as fruits, vegetable juices, milk, essential oils, and more!


    By using pure ingredients without preservatives and additives, FreshlySkin™ ensures 100% natural masks. It helps to hydrate and brighten up the skin while being chemical-free, providing peace of mind in knowing what’s in the mask.


    Utilizing homemade ingredients, FreshlySkin™ offers unlimited masks on demand, saving money from buying costly store products. The included recipe book also offers more fun ideas on natural masks tailored to different skin needs.


    FreshlySkin™ features an automatic system that creates ready-to-use face masks with one easy push of a button. Simply follow the voice-activated steps to create fresh-smelling masks within minutes.


    FreshlySkin™ comes with a smart self-cleaning function after use, saving valuable time and energy. The food-grade ABS mask plate also supports safe material and suitable size for most face shapes.

    How To Use

    We understand how frustrating it can be to spend on single-use sheet masks that do not offer flexibility and control over the ingredients. Even more disappointing is facing breakouts and irritations due to chemically-derived additives. Recent studies found that most store-bought masks contain synthetic preservatives that can be highly sensitizing to the skin.

    With FreshlySkin™, take a deep breath to no longer face the issue of unreliable ingredients and costly products. With a smart mask-making system, it allows for curated masks to target individual skin needs while providing a budget-friendly alternative for regular use. Now you can enjoy an exciting daily regimen and pamper the skin with fresh ingredients!


    Package Size: 9.1 x 4.9 inch (23 x 12 cm)
    Package Weight: 2.07 lb (0.94 kg)


    (1) X FreshlySkin™ Face Mask Maker
    (1) X Collagen Pack (32PCS)
    (1) X User Manual

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