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    CubeFun™ Expression Matching Block Puzzle

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    “Tons of fun! I play this with my 5, 8, and 10 year old children. They love the fun competition and never seem to tire of playing this. A great game for personal, social and emotional education. The kids also have to use their skill in visual perception to recreate the expression. An enjoyable game with lots of learning!” 

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    A Fun & Interactive Brain Game!

    Early child development sets the foundation for essential skills and lifelong learning. However, children nowadays are often occupied by digital devices and spend excessive screen time, leading to sleep and attention problems. Meanwhile, most educational toys fail to spark interest and stimulate effective learning. This can inhibit a child’s ability to experience real-life activities, hindering overall development.

    CubeFun™ is an interactive block puzzle game with a unique set of face matching cubes and cards, providing an engaging play while encouraging social, emotional, and cognitive development. It comes with 16 expression cubes and 64 challenge cards, offering tons of fun ways to play. With CubeFun™, you can now keep the little ones off the screens while giving them the educational experience needed for their growth.

    💕 Why little ones and parents love CubeFun™


    ✅ Fun interactive play

    CubeFun™ features four sets of expression blocks and cards, allowing for up to four players. It’s a perfect family activity to keep the kids away from screens and engaged in an interactive play.

    Improves cognitive skills

    By allowing the child to flip, match, and slide pieces into position, CubeFun™ lets them utilize problem-solving and logical thinking skills. This stimulates the development of cognitive abilities like hand-eye coordination, fast reaction, and visual perception.

    Enhances social skills

    CubeFun™ offers an engaging game setting where constant interactions between players are involved. It enables the child to learn crucial social skills like active listening, communicating, and sharing through play.

    Encourages emotional intelligence

    With vivid expression patterns, CubeFun™ helps the child understand different emotions and enhance the ability to empathize with others. The fun play also improves concentration and provides a sense of achievement, promoting emotional growth.

    Safe material

    Designed with safety as the priority, each cube is printed with non-toxic water paint and thermal transfer patterns. The high-quality wood material ensures odorless and durable usage, supporting safe contact for children.


    How to play

    Step 1: Shuffle all game cards and deduct them to the table to form a game deck.

    Step 2: Each player chooses a color and takes a set of cubes of the corresponding color.

    Step 3: Pick out a random card and assemble the cubes into the expression shown at the fastest speed. The first player to match the expression wins the card, and the first player to finish 10 cards wins the game.

    We understand the frustration of not being able to get the little ones off their screens. It can be exhausting to constantly look for solutions to keep them from being bored easily and help them unplug from gadgets. Recent studies show that children ages 8-12 in the United States spend an average of 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens!

    Thankfully, CubeFun is the perfect solution to provide a fun, interactive, and creative outlet for your little one. It engages the child through a fun multi-player expression matching game, while bringing intellectual benefits that aid in their overall growth. Now you can have a peace of mind knowing your kid would be happily engaged and learning through play!



    Weight: 9.6 (oz)
    Size: 7.06 x 7.06 x 1.37 (inch)
    Recommended Age: 3 years +


    (1) X CubeFun™ Block Puzzle
    (1) X Instruction Manual


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