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ComfyHome™ Smart Ergonomic Laptop Desk

“I work a lot from home and I like to sit on the couch, but my wrists and neck were killing me from having my laptop on my lap. This laptop desk makes me so much more comfortable not having to look down all the time. This is the BEST thing to keep around at home!”

- Joanna H. ✅ Verified Customer


The Best Workstation For Home!

Do you want to use your laptop while lying in bed or relaxing on the couch but it’s giving you neck strainback pain, and emitting too much heat on your lap? Working from home doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!



ComfyHome™ is an adjustable ergonomic laptop desk to provide an all-in-one solution for your comfort at home. It can be used as a lap desk, a tablet holder, or even a standing desk, allowing you to work from bed, couch, or anywhere at home with absolute comfort!


Its fully adjustable design enables you to sit in any position with no compromises on your posture, bringing maximum comfort and convenience!

Why ComfyHome™ Will Change Your Life:

 Work comfortably, anywhere

With ComfyHome™, you can now work comfortably in bed, on the couch, on the floor, or even standing at a table. It effectively puts your laptop at a comfortable height for any sitting or reclining position. A detachable mousepad is also in place to fully support your needs during work!

 Healthy neck & back posture

No more neck pain or body discomfort caused by poor posture! ComfyHome™ makes sure your screen is always at eye level no matter where you sit or stand, enabling you to maintain a healthy posture every day!



 Fully adjustable

Our laptop desk comes with 360° rotating & auto-locking joins on each leg, so you can easily adjust it into any shape & height according to your needs and comfort.

 Sturdy & lightweight

Made of premium quality aluminum alloy, ComfyHome™ is ultra sturdy and durable, supporting laptops up to 16 inches. Slidable stoppers are also in place to prevent your laptop from slipping, giving you the most steady lift!




Not only limited to working! ComfyHome™ can also act as a reading stand, an eating tray, or a standing desk, fully supporting your daily activities and bringing maximum convenience!

 Silent cooling fan

Whether you’re working, gaming, or watching videos, the built-in silent cooling fan will effectively improve airflow going towards your device and protect it from overheating.



 Perfect for zoom meetings

ComfyHome™ works as a perfect stabilizer for your Zoom meetings. It securely holds your laptop to the most comfortable height, so you don’t have to stack a pile of books underneath anymore.


 Ideal for outdoor use

Our laptop desk is not only restricted to indoor usage! Whether you want to spend your day in the park or just relax in the backyard, you can always bring this lightweight laptop desk with you and wind down in nature with full comfort.


How To Easily Set Up:

Step 1: Press the button on the side of the rotating legs

Step 2: Set it to the angle you want

Step 3: Simply release the button for it to auto-lock


NOTE: Our laptop desk comes fully assembled, so there is no assembly required.


Stay Comfortable Every Day With ComfyHome™!

We all have moments like this: You want to work while relaxing in your bed or couch, but you’re hindered by how uncomfortable it is, giving you immense neck sores & back strains and making work time at home difficult.

Imagine working from anywhere at home comfortably throughout the day, with absolutely no body discomfort. ComfyHome™ is here to make sure you are always in the most comfortable position no matter where you sit or stand, enabling you to work at home with absolute ease and making your everyday activities enjoyable!



Package Includes:

1 x Laptop Desk
1 x Detachable Mouse Pad
1 x Instruction Manual
2 x Non-Slip Slidable Stoppers


Weight: 2.90 (lb)
Desk Size: 16.50 x 10.23 (inch)
Mouse Pad Size: 7.08 x 6.49 (inch)
Bearing Weight: 33.00 (lb)


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