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    HydroPot™ Smart Self-Watering Planters

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    “Best ever for my plants! Now, I never need to wonder if my plants have water. I can see the water level, and for my plants that demand constant moistness, these work wonders! They also look beautiful on the plant shelves. Couldn’t be more pleased!” 

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    Plants are one of the best living additions that bring joy and vibrancy to a home. However, it can be hard to keep a regular watering routine when juggling between a busy schedule or being away from home. Watering mistakes such as under and overwatering can also result in neglected and unhappy plants. This often causes stress and inconvenience, making it challenging to grow a lush garden full of greenery.

    Introducing HydroPot™, a set of subirrigated planters that deliver water directly to plant roots for hassle-free gardening. It allows the plant to drink at its own pace and visually shows the water level, providing precise and consistent watering for a healthier plant. With HydroPot™, enjoy a simplified plant care routine and easily grow vibrant, happy plants!

    🌱 Why This Self-Watering Planter Set Is A Must Have

    ✅ Automatic watering

    HydroPot™ features a self-watering system that enables water to travel from the reservoir up to the plant’s roots. It easily keeps any moisture-loving plant watered for up to 15 to 20 days each time it’s filled, supporting stress-free watering.

     Precise watering

    HydroPot™ uses irrigation strings to give plants access to water at the roots, allowing them to drink at their own pace. This helps eliminate the worry of under or over-watering, providing the accurate amount of moisture for a happy plant friend!

    Protects plant roots

    The inner part of HydroPot™ is equipped with drainage and ventilation holes, allowing the plant to breathe for healthy plant growth. The detachable design also supports water level customization based on each plant’s needs.

     Easy to refill

    HydroPot™ includes a transparent reservoir with a handy pour spout, which makes it easy to read the water level and directly refill whenever needed. The reservoir is also easily removable anytime for effortless cleaning.

    Classic & elegant style

    With its beautiful rounded design and smooth matte texture, HydroPot™ is not only functional but also aesthetic. It perfectly compliments any plant and furniture, bringing a minimalistic and elegant style to the room.

    Sturdy & durable

    Made with high quality ABS material, HydroPot™ is lightweight yet sturdy. It’s also non-toxic and heat & cold resistant, making it safe to use and durable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

    How To Set Up

    We understand how frustrating it is to see our favorite plants shrivel because we forget to water them or make mistakes while watering. It can be very stressful trying to tend to each plant’s particular needs and constantly monitoring the soil moisture level. Recent studies show that improper watering is the most common reason that prevents indoor plants from thriving.

    With HydroPot™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face the issue of incorrect watering. With a smart self-watering system, it offers the perfect solution to plant care for a new or busy gardener, bringing convenience, water efficiency and improved plant health. Now you can enjoy a worry-free watering schedule and watch your plants happily thrive and flourish!


    Product Size: 3.2 x 4.4 | 4.1 x 5.4 | 6.0 x 7.1 (inch)
    Product Weight: 1.6 | 1.7 | 2.5 (lb)


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