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    Build-A-Track™ Logical Road Builder Puzzle Game

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    “Cute and educational! This was hours of track laying fun. The set comes beautifully packaged in a neatly fitting box, along with a very complete instruction booklet. The goal of the game is to make the car run on the track. It’s so great for thinking skills and family fun!” 

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    Early education paves the way for lifelong learning and growth. However, kids today are spending more time on screens, which can become addictive and prevent proper cognitive development. Meanwhile, most toys and games do little to captivate attention. This can make it a struggle to pry the little ones off electronics, causing stress and frustration.

    Introducing Build-A-Track™, a fun, logic-building puzzle game designed for interactive play and stimulates key cognitive skills. It integrates STEM learning through an exciting track-building challenge, while providing 100+ puzzle levels across 4 varied difficulties for replayable fun. With Build-A-Track™, easily enjoy hours of screen-free bonding time with the little one!

    🚜 Why Build-A-Track™ Is A Must-Have For Your Little One

    EXCITING TRACK BUILDING: Build-A-Track™ features a maze-like road-building gameplay that keeps kids engaged for hours. Choose a challenge or create your own, build a path, and steer the truck safely across as a success.

    CONTINUOUS FUN: Build-A-Track™ comes with 118 challenges across 4 difficulty levels from starter to master for hours of fun. This helps keep young minds entertained and challenged, offering maximum replayability.

    TACTILE LEARNING: Using different block patterns, Build-A-Track™ helps children learn to distinguish between various objects, shapes, and colors. It helps engage visual perception, hand-eye coordination, and sensory & motor skills.

    PROBLEM SOLVING: Through connecting the tracks, Build-A-Track™ aids in cause-and-effect learning and stimulates innovative thinking. The brain teaser game also helps foster intellectual development through memory and planning.

    COOPERATIVE PLAY: Build-A-Track™ offers a multiplayer setting where players can think together as a team. This allows children to interact with family and friends, encouraging collaboration and social skill development.

    SUITABLE FOR ALL: Designed with family fun in mind, Build-A-Track™ is also suitable for adults and the elderly of all ages. The fun gameplay helps to boost mental clarity and provide relaxation from daily stress.

    How To Play

    1. Assemble the plates to create the track base.
    2. Place the Start & End blocks on the board.
    3. Choose a challenge or create your own, design a track using the included colored blocks.
    4. Put a ball in the mini truck, put it on the start point, and release it to run on the track.

    We understand how concerned we are when our child spends too much time on screens. It can be extremely frustrating to constantly fight with the little one over the amount of time spent on tablets, video games, and television. Recent studies show that children ages 8-12 in the United States spend an average of four to six hours a day watching TV or using screens!

    With Build-A-Track™, take a deep breath and no longer face the worries of excessive screen time for kids. With its creative and interactive road-building gameplay design, it provides a fun energy outlet and engages a variety of intellectual skills through play. Enjoy family fun with the peace of mind and confidence that the little one is happy, entertained, and learning!


    Product Size: 15” x 15” (38 x 38 cm)
    Package Weight: 0.88 lb (0.40 kg)
    Recommended Age: 3 years +

    Package Content

    (1) X Build-A-Track™ Logical Road Builder
    (1) X Instruction Book

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