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    BreezeBaby™ Bladeless Portable Stroller Fan

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    “We purchased these for our trip to Disney this summer and it is absolutely perfect for my little guy in the stroller. I love that it’s bladeless so I don't have to worry about tiny fingers getting hurt. The bendable legs make it so this can be placed anywhere. 100% recommend!” 

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    A family day out or stroller ride is a wonderful way to spend time with the little one. However, hot weather in summer can easily cause the pram to overheat, causing discomfort, irritation and even potential harm to the baby. Traditional stroller fans with rotating blades and large slots can easily injure a curious baby’s fingers. This can make it stressful to take the little one out, causing frustration and anxiety.

    Introducing BreezeBaby™, an upgraded clip-on stroller fan designed to keep babies cool and comfortable on a hot day. It features a bladeless design with slotted enclosure to keep little fingers protected, while the bendable legs securely wrap onto any surface for all-purpose versatility. With BreezeBaby™, enjoy peace of mind and worry-free outings with the little one!

    🍃 Why BreezeBaby™ Is A Must-Have For Your Little One

    SAFE BLADELESS DESIGN: BreezeBaby™ features a special bladeless design with tight slots of less than 0.2 inches to keep baby’s fingers protected. This helps provide peace of mind while ensuring adequate ventilation for the baby.

    ADJUSTABLE BREEZE: BreezeBaby™ comes with a 130° auto-rotating head to provide all-around airflow for maximum cooling. The four adjustable wind speeds also ensure personalized comfort according to the baby's preference.

    ALL-SCENARIO CONVENIENCE: With bendable tripod legs, BreezeBaby™ can be conveniently mounted onto any surface for all-scenario needs. Easily attach it onto the stroller, in the car, or hold it in hand for a hassle-free cooling experience.

    NOISE-FREE COOLING: By using a brushless motor, BreezeBaby™ produces gentle wind of below 30dB, equivalent to a soft whisper. Its low-noise design maintains a calm environment during use and keeps nap time uninterrupted.

    STRONG & STURDY BUILD: Made with quality ABS and silicone material, BreezeBaby™ is lightweight, portable yet sturdy. It is fall-resistant and retains a strong grip onto any surface attached, enabling secure and worry-free use on the go.

    LONG-LASTING RELIEF: Equipped with a large-capacity 3600mAh battery, BreezeBaby™ allows for up to 12 hours of cooling relief at low speed with just one charge. The rechargeable design also offers easy charging for on-the-go convenience.

    We understand how concerned we are when our child shows signs of overheating. It can be extremely unsettling to see the little one feel uncomfortable while rushing to find shade, compromising an enjoyable trip and posing potential health risks. Recent studies show that the temperature inside a thinly covered stroller can soar to 93°F after 30 minutes in the sun!

    With BreezeBaby™, take a deep breath to no longer face the concern of an overheating fussy baby. With its baby-friendly and versatile design, it provides fresh airflow into the stroller while ensuring contact safety, providing maximum convenience on a day out. Easily enjoy family fun with the confidence knowing that the little one is staying cool and comfy!


    Product Size: 4” x 4” x 1” (11 x 11 x 2.6 cm)
    Product Weight: 0.88 lb (0.40 kg)
    Battery Capacity: 3600 mAh (up to 12 hours)


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